Thursday, November 3, 2011

past 4 months

well, i am updating. It only takes me 4 months.... but hey, deal with it. I need to be better, but let's be honest, my next post probably won't be till after christmas. So I am going to fill ya'll in on what we have been up to since July. (obviously nothing to exciting... hence no blogging since our california trip) My brother and his wife moved to that means I am going to Hawaii soon... that's exciting right? We were going to go out for Thanksgiving but his company sent him back to the "main lands" for the holiday season. I was upset. They will be going back to Maui first of January. Soooo.... our trip is post poned for a few months.... so lame. I guess it will be nice to have them home for christmas... pfft...

We have gone to the wave pool quite a big. Kids love it.... and it makes them tired so I love it.

(no, this isn't at the wave pool... if you didn't already know. not sure why/how this got on the post. ha, just enjoy the cute kids)

Bayleigh had her first day of school during the first week of september. However, she will still have another year of pre-school, so it doesn't make me feel like she is growing to fast...yet. I was sad the first day I dropped her off.... but the 2nd day I wasn't to sad, ha! She needs it... I need it. She goes to a lady just around the corner from us and she LOOOVES IT!!

She then had her first day of dance. Again.... she LOOOOVES IT!! This age is so cute. I love watching the girls this age try to figure out the rhythm. So so so cute!

Justin had his big bull hunt. He hasn't put in for a hunt for about 5 years. (due to moving so much and stuff....) He put in for the big bull, with only 2 points, and drew out!!! I couldn't believe it. People have been putting in for this hunt for 20 + years and with many more points. Even though it cost us 300 dollars just for the tag, days off of work, hunting gear, and $ to the butcher to prepare the meat....the smile on his face was priceless. (not really.... cause that smile cost us hundreds of dollars) It took him and his dad (my dad was able to help one day) 3 days to de bone, cut up, and carry the elk out. He shot it in the worst spot possible. But he had fun and spent quality time with his dad.

We decided to go to temple square during the saturday session of conference. It was a lot of fun.

This segment includes one of many days we spend at the park.

This kid is getting to big to fast. I can't believe next month I will be throwing his first birthday!! WHAAAATTT???!!!

2 months I will be throwing this little girls 4th birthday! WHAAAATT???!!!

Now onto Halloween. (I am caught up with the rest of ya)

I am so glad it's over. You don't dress up for Halloween.... you dress up for the whole week before it.

here is Bayleigh at her pre-school party. Nothing got cuter than this. Oh my! The kids put on a little performance for us; modeling outfits and singing songs.

Justin was in a golf tournament on Saturday so we decided to hit up the Price Spooktacular. I asked Bayleigh if she wanted to be in the costume contest. I was certain she would say no because it involved going up on stage, alone might I add, and model her outfit. She said yes, my eyes got big, and she went up and modeled her dress. Well, she won! WHAAAATT??!! And she got hooked up! That bag was filled with all types of popcorn, candy, cheetos, toys, blah blah blah. And inside was another little bag full of gift certificates to mcdonalds, cold stone, movies, jb's, arby's, a computer repair, i know there is more, but i can't think of them. It was awesome!!!

Beauty and the Beast had a very fun halloween. They (meaning me) got way to much candy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

july 2011

Tons of you have begged me to update my blog... so, to those zero people who actually asked me to, here is an update. July was a super fun month. We started off by going to visit my brother in California for the 4th of July. Then went camping with my family for the 24th of July.

Jade was using Bayleigh to attract all the babes on the beach. I don't think he was using her for the lady in the right of the picture. she was on the older side. But then again, maybe he was.

Cute shot of daddy and Kort

This was the pre play in the sand look

recieved a "make over"

the post play in the sand look. I really should of took a picture of what dumped out of our clothes on the hotel floor.

One day we went shopping at a place called seaport village in san diego. Very neat place.

A guy was doing balloons and Bayleigh wanted a bunny. so he made a bunny holding a heart on a magic wand. 5 minutes later... the wand touched the ground and popped.

Bayleigh thought she was brave enough to hold a parrot. Right when i snapped the picture the bird crawled up her arm and she freaked. The bird went crazy. Justin's face cracks me up.

at sea world looking at the dolphins

24th of july we went camping up joes valley. We haven't had a ton of chances to test out Bayleigh's 4-wheeler she got for christmas. Well, she was riding it, keeping it at a safe speed, when all of a sudden she floored it. Justin couldn't run fast enough to catch her. She hit a ditch, over corrected and hit a rock. The 4-wheeler stopped but Bayleigh didn't. She supermanned it over the handle bars. All she got was a tiny cut on her elbow.

I asked her to show me her sad face.... apparently this is it

posing in the flowers. she was always picking flowers and making sure the cup on the table was always full of fresh beautiful flowers. We had the fanciest table decor out of everyone camping.

resting her feet like grandpa and aunt cole

Kortland was a trooper

my mom trying to prove that she didn't need gas to get a fire going. ..... She needed gas

resting his eyes after a moutain walk in his stroller

yesterday (7-26) we tried to make it to the zoo. But apparently it closed at 2:30 that day. so we went to the next best zoo..... the petting zoo at thanksgiving point.

riding "shorty"

this girl loves horses

reaching out for the baby calf

finally he came to her. but look close.... he bit her shirt and tried pulling her in. ha ha ha.... yeah, she freaked.

despite the down pour for a few minutes... she still managed to find fun while we stayed under cover.

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 2011

First off... I want dedicatge this post to our little Tut. I will flat out say it.... this dog is a little shit!! He enjoyed peeing on EVERYTHING, barking at EVERYTHING, and listening to NOBODY! The second he would get out of the house or yard he would run away. I can't even count how many nights we drove around town for hours looking for him. When we moved into this house he only got worse. He would bark at everything and wake up Kortland all the time. He would run away every chance he got. Our neighbor even shot at him with an airsoft gun! (talk about not getting off on the right foot) Justin has been working out of town ever since we moved here and so it's all on me to chase him down. But most of the time I have a sleeping baby and can't leave him home. So we decided that if he runs away again we just let him go. And if he comes back then he comes back. He ran away one time for 5 days! We thought for sure he was gone. But on Justin's way home from work one night he seen a little black dog trottin down the road. K... so he lucked out on that one. Then a week later he ran away again!! This time is was during a terrible snow storm. After 3 days of not coming home we were worried he froze to death. But come to find out he was in doggy jail. We let him stay in there for about a week deciding if we wanted to get him out or not. We decided to save $120.00 and let another family put up with him. The lady at the jail said they would not put him down. If someone is Price doesn't come and get him they would send him to Salt Lake. So who knows where the little guy is. I am sure he got picked up fast... but may be back in already who knows lol. It's a bitter sweet situation. He went everywhere with us and we have had him for 5 years. But... its for the best. RIP Tut!!!
But now our other dog Kiya gets all the attention! She is such a sweet dog... and even sweeter with out her bad influence friend.
They are best friends now! It is so so cute!!

Dry those eyes and let's go onto other news. Kortland is getting so big!! He is such a happy little boy... if he is fed, changed, and not tired lol.

he he he.... love this pic

Bayleigh had her first dance recital. Holy stinkin cute!!! She loves dance.... LOVES dance. She especially loves her teacher Danielle.

The picture everyone has to take...... dressed up before the big dance.
The whole team. They performed during the Emery High's Spardette spring show.

They all did so good. It was so cute.

A couple weeks ago we went to Phoenix to visit my sister. Justin wasn't able to go.... stupid work! So me and the kids drove down to Las Vegas the night before my family left and hung out with my lovely friend Gina. It was so so so good to see her and her family. I sure miss them. The next day my family drove to Las Vegas to meet up with me... my dad jumped in with me and the kids.. and we followed my mom and brothers to Phoenix. A guy told me it's only maybe 20 minutes longer to drive through Las Vegas... what the #$@ was he thinking!! Not the best way to drive.... lot longer then the other way. So on our way home we definetly drove up through flagstaff, page, and Kanab. And my kids YELLED the ENTIRE 605 miles!! My Dad was trying so hard to keep his cool ha ha ha... and he did an awesome job! Last time he will not offer to ride with me that far with kids lol.

While we were down there we went to a ml spring training game. chicago cubs and cin. reds. it was a lot of fun. we had super duper seats. It was pretty dang warm so the hardest part was keeping Kortland out of the sun the entire time. but we did it.

Bayleigh and uncle Jade
Bayleigh and Uncle Landon